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Rolando Elba is a BSAA operator who took part in a special operation in a mountain village in Eastern Europe. He went by the codename "Umber Eyes" in Chris Redfield's elite Hound Wolf Squad as the team's sniper.[1]


Rolando joined the BSAA at an unknown date.

In Eastern Europe, he helped his captain Chris Redfield to infiltrate the Winters' home with the aim of eliminating Miranda, who had surreptitiously taken the place of Mia Winters in an effort to steal the couple's daughter Rosemary Winters. Sometime later, after Miranda escaped, he and other members of the team arrived at the overturned convoy to find the escorts killed and Ethan and Rose nowhere to be found.

Rolando and the others then set up at a research post somewhere in the Reservoir area just outside the village to monitor the situation and to examine the Mold around the Village. Rolando and his teammates were attacked by Moreau in his mutated fish-creature form but all of them made it out alive.

Sometime later, he and the others maintained visual observation of Miranda at the ceremony site, which they documented and reported to Chris Redfield.

After Ethan Winters's supposed death, they then regrouped to discuss the mission objective to terminate Miranda.

When Chris found Mia being held up in Miranda's lab, Chris feared that she might actually be the shapeshifting Miranda in disguise. Chris asked Rolando about Miranda's whereabouts and Rolando assured Chris that Miranda was still at the ceremony site and was staying put. When Rolando heard Mia's name, he was surprised to hear that she was actually still alive.



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