This page is for information about roleplaying in Resident Evil: Revelations 2.


Roleplaying is tied to a few events in the main game in Claire's episodes which have binary outcomes in Barry's following episode along with having Cysts carry over.

When replaying Barry episodes, the outcome will be based on how Claire's episode was last completed, i.e. beating the game does not reset them to either outcome.

Basic info
Episode / Location Act in Claire's scenario Effect on Barry's scenario
Episode 1: Penal Colony Using the flame-thrower If the flame-thrower is turned to the other side while on, the Rare Parts Box cannot be reached in the room as Barry. If it is left off, the Rare Parts Box can be picked up.
Episode 2: Contemplation Defeating Mutant Pedro If Mutant Pedro is not defeated, he will be fought near the end of Barry's scenario. If he is defeated, the Drill will be found in the bar and used to skip portions of the episode.
Episode 2: Contemplation Unlocking one of the doors in the town with Moira's crowbar If the door is unlocked, Natalia will be able to open a Gimmick box which gives a Custom Part to Barry (Capacity Lv. 2)
Episode 3: Judgment Dropping the metal box from the ledge in the Sewers In the sewers, there is a ledge where Claire can boost Moira up to reach, there is a small metal box Moira can pick up to drop down to allow Claire to go up as well. If the box was dropped, it will appear in Barry's scenario as well, and this allows Barry / Natalia to reach the Firing Rate Lv. 3 custom part. Doing this will earn the A Ripple in Time award and its in-game record.
Episode 3: Judgment Turning the 2 valves in the Sewers If the valves were turned as Claire or Moira, Barry / Natalia will have access to a Gimmick Box with an Assault Rifle Ammo Case and the AK-7
Episode 3: Judgment Defeating Neil Depending on which character (Claire or Moira) defeats Neil, the main ending of the game will change in Episode 4. Claire killing Neil will trigger the Bad Ending, and Moira killing Neil will trigger the Good Ending.
Episode 4: Metamorphosis Interacting with the switch in the first room visited The switch changes the sluice gates seen at the start of Barry's scenario, and this will dictate which side Barry and Natalia can access. Once this episode is replayed and both routes were accessed by the player, they will earn the Routes of Future Past award and in-game record.
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