"Ropeway 2" is a cutscene in Resident Evil 0.[1]


Upon unlocking the door in the Hallway atrium (lower) with the Dial, Rebecca Chambers discovers a large underground platform with a ropeway. She radios Billy Coen and shares that she has found a way out. Billy tells Rebecca that he is on his way there. Rebecca remarks that they should regroup as soon as possible.


REBECCA: Now this is more like it.

BILLY: Billy, here.

REBECCA: Billy! I found an aerial cable-car. We can get out of this place!

BILLY: Wait there. I'm coming.

REBECCA: Roger. The sooner we get out of here, the better. Out.

レベッカ: やったわ!

ビリー: こちら ビリー

レベッカ: ビリー!ロープウェイを見つけたわ

ビリー: 了解! なんとかそっちに行く!

レベッカ: ええ! 早く合流しましょう

Further notes

  • In the localization, "ropeway" is changed to "aerial cable-car". Both refer to the same kind of mechanism.


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