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Rosemary Winters (ローズマリー・ウィンターズ rōzumarī wintāzu?) is a human mutant born from Ethan and Mia Winters, who had mutated from Mold infection prior to her birth. She was kidnapped by Mother Miranda in an attempt to reincarnate her daughter Eva through Rose. After her father saved her at the cost of his own life, Rose lives under the protection of the BSAA.



3 years and 2 months after the events of Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, she was conceived by the Winters. For 6 months, she lived happily with the couple in Eastern Europe.

On February 2, the couple celebrated Rose's half birthday.

On February 9, Mia tells her daughter the local tale story Village Of Shadows, she quickly falls asleep and was taken to her room by her father, who promises not to let those fairy tale monsters get her. That night, when her mother is killed, she was taken by a member of the Hound Wolf Squad and is delivered to the captain of the squad Chris Redfield, Ethan initially tries to take her away from him but is knocked unconscious. They were then initially to be taken away to a safer area for further investigation, but their convoy is attacked and Rose is taken away.

During Ethan's journey into the Village, Rose was dismantled apart and put into 4 separate flasks, each founders of the families held onto her remains. Ethan finds out about this and proceeds to recover those 4 flasks.

When her father proceeds to battle Karl Heisenberg, who wishes to use her for more power and attempted to overthrow and kill Miranda. Miranda gathers her four flasks and sets to prepare for the ceremony site, unaware that Chris's men are monitoring the situation. Miranda manages to reassemble Rose through the four flasks and with the use of the Mold but she didn't reincarnated as Miranda's deceased child Eva as she would have hoped and she proceeds to slowly lose her power as a consequence.

When Ethan arrives there, he angrily demands Miranda to give Rose to him, she rejects and is shot on the face by Chris, opening a chance for him to take Rose away from her but Miranda takes Rose back while shouting that her desires will be fulfil and she is hers.

After Ethan kills Miranda, he grabs his daughter finally saving her but he is slowly dying away as a results that Ethan is only alive cause of the mold, he slowly starts to calcify, Chris arrives there and attempts to extract the both of them to safety. Ethan stays behind to blow up the megamycete, giving Rose his jacket and ring, forcing Chris to take only Rose to the extraction point.

When the real Mia learns of her husband sacrifice, she tearfully hugs Rose for comfort. For many years, she would be raised to be a strong girl by her mother and with Chris as her mentor in controlling her newfound abilities


By the 2030's, an older Rose is under the protection of the BSAA as due to her parents' mutation, she has developed powers similar to Eveline; having grown up fully aware of the Dulvey incident, Rose has a deep hatred for being compared to the psychotic bio-weapon. Despite this hatred, she is constantly shadowed by BSAA agents, ready to kill her at the sign of any aggression. She visits Ethan's grave on his birthday every year. One of her cherished possessions is the Village of Shadows storybook and another is her father's jacket, which she wears. Per the promise to her father, Chris has had a hand in her upbringing; to teach her how to be strong of heart.

On one such outing to Ethan's grave, Rose barely has time to talk to him before an agent comes to pick her up. The agent tells Rose the BSAA needs her (hinting that she is an agent or an agent in training), jokingly calling her Eveline. Enraged at the comparison, Rose throttles the agent, telling him not to call her that again or she would do things to him that even Chris doesn't know about before getting in the car, where the agent has to tell a nearby sniper to not shoot her for the aggressive act. She scolds herself for the slip and calmly listens to the agent, whom tells her that she is very much like Ethan, to which she smiles and replies that she knew. However before they could fully drive away from the cemetery, they are stopped by a mysterious stranger.



  1. Date taken from medical record in Ethan's home office.
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