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The Rotten were mutilated humans with nearly no skin, encountered on the Sein Island by Barry Burton and Natalia Korda.


The Rotten is the result of radical changes in the metabolism of Afflicted after complete zombification, which takes longer than the typical t-Virus-induced zombification. As with Zombies, the Afflicted can stay alive despite serious injuries. All energy is spent on keeping the body active in the search for more food and, as a consequence, the body begins to atrophy and expose the skeletal structure.[1][excerpt 1]


The Rotten mainly appear in Barry's story and Raid Mode and two last parts of the Extra Episode, The Struggle.

They have a relatively small amount of health and move slower than the Afflicted. They are also not as easily alerted. All of their attacks are slow making them not as dangerous. When knocked down, they can stay on the ground and crawl. Follow-up attacks can freely be used on them while they are crawling and the Physical attack can be used when they're stunned by headshots. They have a tendency to survive what should be the killing hit to them and instead fall to the ground and enter the crawling state. Any amount of damage done then will then actually kill them.

One of their attacks is an arm swing that covers little range and they approach slower while doing it. Another attack is walking with both arms out to grab the player which causes a "break free" type quick time event. While using this attack, they keep walking forward and can only turn themselves a small degree to follow the player. Last, they have a similar slow arm swing they can use while crawling.

Some are encountered "playing dead" lying motionless on the ground and not becoming alert until the player walks near them. Natalia can use her senses to detect them.

Physical attack usable? After stunning by headshots
Stealth attack usable? Yes
Follow-up attack usable? Yes
Reaction to Smokescreen Bottles No
Follows Decoy Bottles? Yes
Affected by Flashlight? No
Countdown bonus 5 secs
Name Clear condition Unlockable
No Stinkin' Rotten Defeat 100 Rotten. Rotten Figurine


  • They usually attack in groups and are not very dangerous by themselves.
  • It is recommended to use handguns to stun them, then use a melee attack, or stealth kill them from behind to conserve ammo.



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