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(Capcom's primary storyline)

Roxana was a resident of the Village, located somewhere in an Eastern European mountain range.


Sometime before Ethan Winters, Leonardo and Elena's arrival at Luiza's house, she had managed to arrive there and take refuge. As Ethan is beckoned further into the house by Luiza, he encounters Roxana, who is witnessed crying nnconsolably.

When Ethan asks if this is all that's left of the Village, she is cruelly labelled by another drunken villager, Anton, as a "stupid, wailing bitch". When Anton viciously remarks that they will all die like Luiza's husband, she starts to cry even more and he frustratingly tells her to put a sock on it.

When Roxana suggests that they all pray for their safety, they join hands and starts reciting verses to Mother Miranda.

Leonardo starts to roar in pain and transforms into a Lycan. Roxana trips during her escape and has her jugular veins bitten out by the vicious, crazed Leonardo.



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