(Rejected BIOHAZARD/Resident Evil sequel)

Roy was an officer of the Raccoon City Police Department. He was Leon S. Kennedy's superior officer.[1]


During the Zombie attack on the Raccoon Police Station, Roy got bitten by a Zombie and became infected. Elza later encountered Roy who was weakened by the infection. Elza pleaded to help him but he stated it was too late for him. Roy then tells her that his friend John is being held in the holding cells below the station and gives her a key to let him out. Elza agrees then proceeds to go free John from his cell. Later, both Elza and John encounter Roy (who in the advanced stages of the infection) and begs John to kill him as he turns into a Zombie. He then proceeds to attack the two but John manages to put down the zombified Roy. Afterwards, John mourns the loss of his friend.


Further notes

  • Roy is a character exclusive to BIOHAZARD 1.5, the original version of Resident Evil 2. When it was decided to rebuild the game from scratch,Marvin Branagh took his place as the infected officer, Thus Roy was no longer needed and so is absent.
  • A popular belief is that Roy's name was at one point "DJ". This is an error due to a character sheet where his name in Japanese, roi ("ロイ"?), is handwritten and appears similarly to the roman letters "DJ".



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