The ruins on the Island were the remnants of an old fortress long since abandoned to time, and served no purpose with Los Iluminados' building plans. It was at the ruins where D.S.O. operative Leon S. Kennedy battled the traitorous Jack Krauser in order to continue on his search for the missing Ashley Graham. The ruins were destroyed soon after when it was revealed that Krauser had been placing explosives around the fortress, expecting a final duel with Leon and preparing a final act of vengeance should he lose the duel.


The area are mostly abandoned old ruins, though there is a door that leads to the fort.


Leon meet up with Jack Krauser who reveal his true intentions before the two battle each other inside the ruins. While battling Krauser, Leon will also have to find three Piece of the holy monster between Panther, Eagle and Serpent though one is kept by Krauser himself. The place also filled with various drones that had been prepared by Krauser. Theres a yellow herb at the bottom of the tower.


Location Action Localization Original script
The iron bar door OPEN (view lock light turning red) There's a timer on this lock. It's not gonna open until the timer goes off.
The mural CHECK (view mural) It's won't open. Pieces are missing...
The mural with one or two pieces inserted CHECK (view mural) I still need something else.
Krauser's body CHECK Krauser... What happened to you? You used to be a good guy...



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