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"A hex-edged crank. Its grip is heavily rusted."
— Item examination - English
"先が六角形のクランクだ 柄の部分がひどくさびている "
— Item examination - Japanese

Rust Hex Crank (さびた六角クランク sabita rokkaku kuranku?) is a key item in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. Before checking, the name of this item is "Rusted Crank" (さびたクランク sabita kuranku?).


It must be used to open the shutter at the entrance of the gas station, but must be assisted by the Wrench after the crank's grip breaks off. The message "The shutter is down" can be read upon checking the entrance to the gas station office. There's a hole right to the shutter for the crank, which can read the message "There's a hex-shaped hole." after checking it.

After using the crank and it's broken, the part of the crank can be seen in the hole. It disappears from the inventory as well.


It is found by Jill at the Shopping district storeroom on the back of the Restaurant, in Raccoon City's downtown region.