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(Novelization of Final Chapter)

Red Queen was a computer developed by Umbrella.

Further notes

  • In The Final Chapter novelization, the Red Queen helps Alice locate Becky after they deploy the anti-virus. At that time, the Red Queen has changed her name to Ruth and is revealed to have survived the destruction of the Hive by uploading herself to the satellites orbiting the Earth.
  • In the The Final Chapter novelization, its also revealed that the Red Queen and the White Queen are in fact the same AI. The White Queen had simply been a different avatar of the Red Queen used at the request of Isaacs. While there had been differences in appearance and personality, the White Queen had always been the Red Queen in truth.
  • The Final Chapter novelization reveals that over the years, the Red Queen has aided Alice when and where she could in secret without Alice or Umbrella knowing. This aid usually came in the form of intermediaries hired by the Red Queen to direct Alice to hidden weapons and supply caches. The Red Queen had also come to consider Alice as something of a friend due to a part of her, the part that was a little girl, needing a friend.
  • The Final Chapter novelization reveals that while the Red Queen's core programing is located on a level of the Hive dedicated to just that purpose, her "mind" is so vast that it wasn't contained in any one location or limited to any one function. Instead, the Red Queen exists in every Umbrella facility around the globe, in every orbiting satellite and in every intact electronic device on Earth. This explains her survival in Retribution and The Final Chapter when Umbrella Prime and the Hive are destroyed.
  • In The Final Chapter novelization, its shown that the Red Queen's actions in the first Resident Evil movie were more than just to stop the spread of the T-virus in the Hive, they were an early attempt to stop Isaacs' plan from coming to fruition, efforts that were foiled when Isaacs had the Hive reopened. This is also indicated in the movie when the Red Queen states that ten years before, she and Alice had failed to stop Umbrella from ending the world.


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