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Ryan is the White House Chief of Staff during President Graham's term.[1]


Ryan worked as Chief of Staff and served during Graham's terms and is the closest advisor to him. His opinion is known to have clashed with the Secretary of Defence Wilson.

When the White House is placed on alert: an unidentified individual has hacked into confidential computer files and an investigation is commenced and overseen by President Graham, his Defence Secretary Wilson and himself. All people who were in the White House on the day of the hacking are subject to investigation to be led by four of their best agents: Patrick, Jason, Shenmei and Leon. the meeting takes place in the Oval Office without Leon due to him responding to a recent terrorist attack in Pittsburgh.

When the white house is attacked, he along with Graham was sent to the bunker with Patrick sent in as Graham's protection until the METRO Swat called in as back-up.

In the morning, USARMIID teams arrive to collect the corpses and disinfect the White House. After consideration, Graham decides it is best to cover-up the incident with the victims are declared to have gone on the leave. When Terrasave activist Claire Redfield arrives at the White House for her scheduled appointment with Press Secretary Spacer only to be told by him that Spacer is on leave. After the source of the hack announced to be coming from Shanghai Institutes for Biological Sciences, Graham is persuaded by Wilson to sent an team towards the China sea borders to investigate with rejections from Ryan who fails to convince him.

After the submarine's destruction, Wilson informs Ryan and Graham of their last known location following their unexplained disappearance and a Chinese fleet being redirected to its last known location with Ryan feeling uneased and report his staffs in the situation room to discuss the matter.

Sometime after, final preparations are being made for Graham's speech for the upcoming Penamstan peace accords. The speech is inflammatory, accusing China of a plot against the United States and calls for the continued military presence in the region as a bulwark against Chinese expansionism. Ryan is aghast at the speech and Wilson who co-wrote it, but Graham sides with the latter due to the evidence they have available. President Graham sits in the Oval Office re-reading the speech for the Penamstan peace accords. Satisfied in its inflammatory comments, he departs for Andrews Air Force Base where the press conference is taking place though Ryan is not satisfied with the decision that Graham had taken.

After Patrick informs Graham of Wilson's involvement in the conspiracy as a whole, Graham realizes that a proxy conflict with China was all Wilson's idea, Graham puts aside the prepared speech and instead talks of his adoration of the Penamstani people for laying down their arms in search of a better future, with the US only helping them with aid for now on. The change of heart which greatly pleases him.



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