The S&W M29 (MAG) is the first Magnum found in Resident Evil 5.


The M29 can be found in Chapter 3-1 on the dead body of a BSAA soldier. In order to acquire this weapon, the player will have to enter a hut and trigger a trap set up by the Ndipaya. After completing Chapter 3-1, the S&W M29 can be purchased for ₦4,000.

It has a starting firepower of 1500, a reload speed of 3.53, a capacity of 6, and a piercing value of 0. Fully upgraded, it has a firepower of 3200, a reload speed of 2.83, a capacity of 12, and a piercing value of 1.

Between the L. HAWK and the S&W M500, the S&W M29 is the most balanced. It offers a lightly superior firepower than the L.Hawk, the largest capacity and a decent recoil.

Fully upgrading this weapon will allow the player to buy infinite ammo for it for 15,000 Exchange PointsFully upgrading the M29 will unlock the powerful S&W M500 (MAG) for purchase.

Upgrade chart

It takes a total of ₦82,000 to buy and fully upgrade the S&W M29 or just ₦78,000 to fully upgrade if the player takes the one found in-game.

Level Firepower Cost Reload speed Cost Capacity Cost Piercing Cost
1 1500 Default 3.53 Sec. Default 6 Default Star-silver.jpg (2) Default
2 1700 ₦2,000 3.36 Sec. ₦1,000 7 ₦3,000 Star-gold.jpg (3) ₦3,000
3 1900 ₦3,000 3.18 Sec. ₦2,000 8 ₦4,000
4 2100 ₦4,000 2.83 Sec. ₦3,000 9 ₦6,000
5 2400 ₦6,000 10 ₦6,000
6 2700 ₦8,000 11 ₦7,000
7 3200 ₦10,000 12 ₦10,000

Further Notes

The likeness of the weapon is used for the Six Shooter Deck Building Game card.

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