The Smith & Wesson M500 (MAG) is an extremely powerful Magnum appearing in Resident Evil 5.


The M500 can only be purchased for ₦30,000 after fully upgrading the S&W M29, but completing the game is not required.

It has a base firepower of 2,100, a reload speed of 3.53, a capacity of 5, and a piercing value of zero (two). When it is fully upgraded, it has a massive firepower of 5,000, a reload speed of 3.18, a capacity of 6, and a piercing value of one (three).

When compared to the other magnums in Resident Evil 5, the fully upgraded S&W M500 has the most firepower, but also has the strongest recoil, the smallest capacity and the slowest reload speed. It is also the most expensive Magnum to fully upgrade. Besides the rocket launcher, it is the most powerful weapon in the entire game.

After fully upgrading the M500, the infinite ammo option becomes available for 20,000 Exchange Points in the Bonus Features menu.

The weapon also appears in the Mercenaries minigame as part of Wesker in his Midnight outfit's load out. The weapon also appears in Mercenaries Reunion as part of Sheva in her Fairytale outfit's load out.

Upgrade chart

It takes a total of ₦,119,000 to buy and fully upgrade the M500.

Level Firepower Cost Reload speed Cost Capacity Cost Piercing Cost
1 2100 Default 3.53 Sec. Default 5x Default Star-silver.jpg (2) Default
2 2300 ₦2,000 3.18 Sec. ₦2,000 6x ₦2,000 Star-gold.jpg (3) ₦2,000
3 2500 ₦2,000
4 2700 ₦3,000
5 2900 ₦4,000
6 3100 ₦4,000
7 3300 ₦5,000
8 3500 ₦6,000
9 3700 ₦6,000
10 3900 ₦8,000
11 4100 ₦8,000
12 4300 ₦10,000
13 4500 ₦10,000
14 5000 ₦15,000


  • Since the player must fully upgrade the M29, the M500 will be a weaker gun after its purchase. It is better to continue using the M29, while leaving the M500 in the inventory until it is upgraded to the point that it has superior firepower.
  • The S&W 500 has a very heavy recoil that sets the aim off with each shot. It may be better to shoot and let go of the aiming button, and simply reset your aiming position than adjust the recoil.
  • Being a magnum, its shots will go through multiple enemies. Fully upgraded, the magnum can destroy a Majini's head, even if he has a helmet. It is also good at dispatching Duvalia if they have metal leg guards, as it can go straight through their legs and drop them to their knees, ready for the killing shot.
  • Due to its power, the weapon is a valuable tool against mini-bosses (Chainsaw Majini, Gatling Gun Majini, Executioner Majini, etc.)
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