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The "S.D. Perry series" is a series of Resident Evil novels written by S.D. Perry and published originally by Pocket Books. The novels are set in their own continuity.

Series history

Following the success of Resident Evil 2 in 1998, Capcom began expanding its licensing deals, with two comic series; toy lines and a novel contract with Simon & Schuster existing by the year's end. Simon & Schuster's subsidiary, Pocket Books, edited by Marco Palmieri,[1] originally asked for Television and sci-fi novel writer Steve Perry to write for the deal. However, he persuaded the company to assign it instead to his daughter, Stephani Danelle Perry, due to a heavy workload.[1]

Limited contact was had between Capcom and Palmieri in the writing process, though Capcom did veto a proposed outlook on the Spencer Mansion's history.[1] Story notes were sent over to Palmieri to be included in the novels, such as information from "BIOHAZARD The Beginning". However, these notes were badly translated, and only some were able to be of use.[citation needed]

S&S's contract expired at an unknown point after the release of Resident Evil 0, the last game Perry was hired to write an adaptation of. Around 2009, another company was in talks with Capcom for the license, but nothing became of it.[1]

In 2012, Titan Books did 2nd edition printings of the series with new covers.

Plot summary


Original cover Name Initial release
RE TUC.jpg Resident Evil: The Umbrella Conspiracy October 1998
Resident Evil Caliban Cove - Pocket Books front cover.jpg Resident Evil: Caliban Cove October 1998
City of the Dead.JPG Resident Evil: City of the Dead May 1999
Underworld.jpg Resident Evil: Underworld May 1999
Nemesis novel.jpg Resident Evil: Nemesis October 2000
Code Veronica novel.jpg Resident Evil Code: Veronica November 2001
Zero Hour.jpg Resident Evil: Zero Hour October 2004


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