"12 gauge shot shells added with powerful powder created with the Reloading Tool. Used for Benelli M3S."
— Item examination - English
"リロードツールで作成した強力なパウダー入りの12ゲージショットシェルだ ベネリM3Sに使用する "
— Item examination - Japanese

S.G. Shell E (ショットガンの強化弾 shottogan no kyōka-tama?) is an ammunition item in Resident Evil 3: Nemesis. It can be made by the Reloading Tool mixing it with Gun Powder B when Jill Valentine has enough experience (on mixing the 8th jar of Gun Powder B with the reloading tool, the player will be asked if he/she wants to obtain enhanced ammo).


The only weapon that uses this ammo is the Benelli M3S, since it's incompatible with the Western Custom M37. Also, this ammo cannot be used when standard Shotgun Shells remain in the weapon. When loaded, the shotgun has a red ammo count indicator and the "Benelli M3S E" name is replaced with "Enhanced Shotgun" in its description as well. When firing those rounds, the character will step back due to the strong recoil the Enhanced Ammunition produces upon firing.

The ejected shells have a blue color, instead of the usual red. The maximum number of targets one can hit by one shot is 3 like the standard shells have.

Besides Jill, those shells can be obtained by Mikhail Victor in the minigame Operation: Mad Jackal. Carlos Oliveira, the last hostage in Bar Jack will give 14 shotgun shells as a gift for saving him.

Creating with Gun Powder B variations

It should be noted that each and every powder combination, when using the reloading tool, gives one point of experience to the player's total toward producing the same type of ammunition (gunpowder mixtures "B", "B+B", "B+B+B", and "A+A+B", all reward just one experience point).

The maximum amount of Enhanced Shotgun Shells that can be created on Hard Mode is 248. The amount doubles on Easy Mode.

Here is the order of producing the shotgun shells, using variations of the Gun Powder B:

1. B

  • 1-3 = 7 x Shotgun Shells
  • 4-6 = 8 x Shotgun Shells
  • 7 = 9 x Shotgun Shells
  • 8-11 = 9 x Shotgun Shells or 8 x Enhanced Shotgun Shells
  • 12+ = 11 x Shotgun Shells or 9 x Enhanced Shotgun Shells

2. B+B

  • 1-3 = 18 x Shotgun Shells
  • 4-6 = 20 x Shotgun Shells
  • 7 = 23 x Shotgun Shells
  • 8-11 = 23 x Shotgun Shells or 20 x Enhanced Shotgun Shells
  • 12+ = 27 x Shotgun Shells or 23 x Enhanced Shotgun Shells

3. B+B+B

  • 1-3 = 30 x Shotgun Shells
  • 4-6 = 33 x Shotgun Shells
  • 7 = 39 x Shotgun Shells
  • 8-11 = 39 x Shotgun Shells or 33 x Enhanced Shotgun Shells
  • 12+ = 45 x Shotgun Shells or 39 x Enhanced Shotgun Shells

4. A+A+B

  • 1-3 = 20 x Shotgun Shells
  • 4-6 = 22 x Handgun Ammo
  • 7 = 26 x Handgun Ammo
  • 8-11 = 26 x Shotgun Shells or 22 x Enhanced Shotgun Shells
  • 12+ = 30 x Shotgun Shells or 26 x Enhanced Shotgun Shells



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