"MAC11. Manufactured by Military Armament CORP. It uses DOT380 rounds."
— Item examination - English
"DOT380弾を使用するミリタリーアーマメント社のMAC11とよばれている銃だ "
— Item examination - Japanese

The S. Machine Gun (サブマシンガン sabumashingan?) is featured in Resident Evil 2 as the primary automatic weapon. It is identified as a MAC11 Submachine gun. It takes up two inventory slots.


Though the S. Machine Gun's ammunition is rather weak compared to 9mm Handgun Bullets, its Full-Auto capability and huge magazine capacity more than makes up for it.

This gun is ideal for fighting all kinds of enemies; from basic zombies, to lickers, up to G-Birkin.

Ammunition is counted in a percentage value (a full magazine is worth 100%), similar to the M4A1 Assault Rifle of Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

  • One spare magazine can be found on the B Scenario, on a dead body of a mercenary in the double locked room within William Birkin's Lab. However, if the player took the weapon in the A scenario or refused to collect it in the B scenario, one will appear instead in the same place as the magazine would be.
  • An unlockable infinite ammo version of the SMG is available. It is acquired by finishing the B scenario of either character in under three hours and getting an A or B ranking. However, using it will instantly drop the player's rank down to a B, even if the player meets all other requirements to obtain an A ranking.


Main game

This weapon can be found in the R.P.D. armory alongside a Side Pack by either character. To gain access to the armory, players must obtain the Red Card Key from the nearby Autopsy Room, as well as supply power to the card reader by solving a puzzle in the nearby power room.

  • If a player takes this weapon in the A Scenario, it will be unavailable in that location for the following B Scenario.

To access the B4F culture room in the B scenario, players must, in scenario A, enter the B5F computer room, use the computer terminal to create a "Guest" registration and them use it to start unlocking the culture room door. The registration process must be done again in scenario B to completely open the door.

  • If the player already have the weapon, M.G. Bullets are found instead.

Extreme Battle Mode

  • Ada Wong starts Extreme Battle with the S. Machine Gun in her inventory.
  • A spare S. Machine Gun can be found inside the B2F Power Room of the Underground Lab. (the place where the self-destruct mechanism is located) (take note that three Enhanced Lickers guard it)



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