The S75 (RIF) is the first sniper rifle available in Resident Evil 5. Found in Stage 2-1.


After completing Stage 2-1, the S75 may be purchased for ₦2,000. Or it can be found in the same chapter in a weapon case.

It has a starting firepower of 750, reload speed of 3.67, and a capacity of 6. Fully upgraded, it has a firepower of 2000, reload speed of 3.30, and a capacity of 50.

The only drawback of the S75 in relation to other rifles is the lack of a semi-automatic firing mode but counters this by having a high capacity and high firepower. It is the most stable rifle, allowing for quick easy extreme range hits. However, due to forcing the player to use the bolt-action after every shot, many player prefer semi-automatic firing rifles such as the H&K PSG-1 or the Dragunov SVD. Usually takes out Town Majini in one hit on any difficulty and also has the sniper rifle perk of having a 100% Critical hit rate for headshots. When fully upgraded, the S75 can stun a Gatling Gun Majini with one shot to both the knees and the upper body, its also effective for slowing down boss enemies like Chainsaw Majini. The S75 has the highest stopping power of all sniper rifles but lacks the ability to penetrate armor.

It costs 15,000 Exchange Points to buy infinite ammo for the weapon. Fully upgrading this weapon will also unlock the Longbow to be purchased from the store.

This Weapon is used by Sheva Alomar in her Clubbin' costume in the Mercenaries minigame. This is one of the few weapons that didn't make an appearance in the Mercenaries Reunion mode.

Upgrade chart

It takes a total of ₦92,000 to buy and fully upgrade the S75 or just ₦90,000 because the player and obtain the weapon itself off the map.

Level Firepower Cost Reload speed Cost Capacity Cost
1 750 Default 3.67 sec. Default 6x Default
2 800 ₦1,000 3.30 sec. ₦3,000 7x ₦500
3 850 ₦1,000 8x ₦500
4 900 ₦2,000 10x ₦1,000
5 950 ₦2,000 12x ₦1,000
6 1050 ₦2,000 15x ₦2,000
7 1120 ₦3,000 17x ₦2,000
8 1200 ₦3,000 20x ₦3,000
9 1270 ₦3,000 22x ₦4,000
10 1350 ₦4,000 25x ₦4,000
11 1420 ₦5,000 40x ₦8,000
12 1500 ₦5,000 50x ₦10,000
13 1700 ₦8,000
14 2000 ₦12,000

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