"5-shot capacity 9mm handgun. Its smaller capacity allows for its small size, making it extremely easy to handle."
— Inventory description
"9mm弾を5発装填できる、装填数を抑え小型化に成功したハンドガン。 女性にも取り回しやすい。"
— Inventory description - Japanese
"5-shot capacity handgun. Easy to handle, and can fire high-powered rounds in addition to 9mm ammo."
— Inventory description (After combining with Reinforced Frame (SLS 60))
"9mm弾を5発装填できる。 装填数を抑え小型化に成功したハンドガン。 専用の強化弾の運用にも対応し、 取り回しやすいだけの銃ではなくなった。"
— Inventory description (After combining with Reinforced Frame (SLS 60)) - Japanese

The SLS 60 is a handgun that appears in the Resident Evil 2 remake. This weapon is only retrievable in Claire's campaign and Katherine Warren's campaign in The Ghost Survivors.


  • Claire Redfield: Inside her inventory at the start of the main game.
  • Katherine Warren: Inside her inventory at the start of the game.


As a 5-round revolver it's imperative to shoot accurately due to its initial slow reload time; however, with its low recoil, quick firing, and a moderate chance of killing zombies with a head shot. It is effective weapon if handled well and paired with careful mobility on the player.

Using this gun can help players conserve reserve ammo more easily compared to other handguns due to it's small ammo count, although this can leave some at a disadvantage when facing stronger enemies.

Upgrades for this gun makes the it extremely well rounded and versitle in being able to combat every enemy in the game quite easily thanks to being able to use both 9mm rounds as well as .357 magnum rounds. 

It is unique compared to other handguns in the game in that moving while aiming  does not reset catch/ focus at all; only doing so if a round is fired which allows for a more mobile approach in adjusting one's aim against further threats, somewhat compensating its low capacity and complements a relatively distanced engagement over close quarters ones.

It can be upgraded with the Speed Loader found in Leon's desk in the West Office, allowing all rounds to be reloaded simultaneously rather than individually.

Finally, it can be further upgraded with the Reinforced Frame to allow it to shoot High-Powered Rounds in addition to the standard Handgun Ammo.


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