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Sourcenext Corporation (ソースネクスト株式会社), is a Japanese-based PC Software developer and publisher. In the games business, it is probably most known for a slate of ports of famous games from other game systems.[1][2] Founded and established in August 1996 by Noriyuki Matsuda (SOURCENEXT CEO).[3]

it is the company responsible for developing various PC Ports for early Resident Evil titles, including: The BIOHAZARD 2 SOURCENEXT 2006 Port which includes high quality uncompressed FMVs and better compatibility support, but is known for lacking custom or higher resolution features while also lacking a settings frontend UI (which is found in original ports), such inferiorities were however fixed and improved by fans several years later.[4]

SOURCENEXT also developed the BIOHAZARD 3 SOURCENEXT version which received the same treatment that includes Windows XP Compatibility Support, higher framerate FMVs, however similar to previous original releases of Resident Evil 3 on PC, graphical rendering issues still exist which makes the in-game models to display a shaky unstable polygonal effect that is similar to PlayStation 1 games (the very same effect can be replicated with RE2 Running on Software Driver mode). Despite the obvious porting flaws, those Resident Evil 2/3 Sourcenext ports were the most compatible ports of the original games that worked with less hassle and problems on modern systems.

Sourcenext were also responsible for developing the infamous Resident Evil 4 2007 PC Port and despite popular claims, Ubisoft were only responsible for publishing the game in the west and were not involved in its original development. Initially when the game was first released on PC; it lacked any lighting at all and a patch was released later on that fixed the issue, bringing lighting back into the game.[5] This version also received a huge backlash due to it being buggy, lacking several effects, using low quality textures and sounds, lacking lighting on release, and being based on the low quality PlayStation 2 Port, which is inferior when compared to the GameCube and even the PS2 Version itself. In response to this port, CAPCOM had QLOC develop the "Ultimate HD" PC port of the game and release it in 2014, 7 years later.[6]


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