The Safety Deposit Room is an area in the Raccoon Police Station featured in the Resident Evil 2 remake.


Inside this room there is a terminal where numbers must be input to unlock the lockers, each locker gives a different item to the player, at the back of the room there is a weapons locker with a W-870 (for Leon) or GM 79 (for Claire).

The list of items and their respective numbers are:

Note: If the W-870 or GM 79 are not picked up, they will instead appear inside the Security Room in the Laboratory (B1).


When entering the room for the first time, it's not possible to input the numbers "2" and "3" at the terminal. At the back of the room there is a weapons locker, the Weapons Locker Key Card is needed to unlock it, inside the locker is a shotgun and ammo for the shotgun for Leon or a grenade launcher and flame rounds for it for Claire.

When the Spare Keys are acquired from the Portable Safes, it can then be used on the terminal inside this room, it allows the player to input the number "2" and "3" onto the machine.

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