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The St. Michael Clock Tower (セントミカエル時計塔?) was a clock tower in Raccoon City. A major landmark in its tourism industry,[1] the clock tower was located in the north side of the city, close to Raccoon General Hospital and Raccoon Park. Named after Saint Michael the Archangel, the wider building was religious in nature and included a chapel. The building was destroyed in the 1998 Raccoon City Destruction Incident.


The Saint Michael's Clock Tower was first erected in the year 1908.[2] Founded by the clergy and donations of philanthropists of the adjacent Saint Michael's Church, Saint Michael Clock Tower was founded in honor of the children of the then flourishing Raccoon City in 1908, and originally was an elementary school in its grounded interiors. Though the school had eventually grown to a yearly student body of 600 in its enrollment and was able to immediately incorporate newly founded civil features like electricity, building inspections would deem its aged infrastructure too old and dangerous for general occupancy by 1978. For 15 years, the clock tower and its grounds would remain off limits and accessible only to city officials and the clergy of Saint Michael's Church, until the initialization of the Bright Raccoon 21 Plan by Mayor Michael Warren and the Umbrella Corporation, which would renovate and reopen the old clock tower to more suitable and structurally sound conditions. Since 1993, Saint Michael Clock Tower would once again become Raccoon City's signature landmark and city symbol, and a celebrated place by both tourists and local citizens alike, with an annual Saint Michael's Festival celebrated on its grounds around September. It was also reopened at that same year.[2]

As the t-Virus ravaged Raccoon City in September 1998, the Umbrella Biohazard Countermeasure Service had orders to take control of the clock tower for use as a helicopter evacuation point. The UBCS was successful in the hours after arrival on 26 September, though the number of injured personnel and refugees made it appear more of an aid station. Over the next few days, the irregular mutants took control of the building once more, and by 28 September is had been taken over by Giant Spiders.[3] Later that night, the building was explored by Cpl. Carlos Oliveira and S.T.A.R.S. officer Jill Valentine, who had heard of the evac site. Though they were successful in alerting the helicopter, it was destroyed by the Nemesis-T Type and crashed into the tower. The remains of the clock tower were destroyed on the morning of 1 October when the city was hit by a thermobaric bomb.


Prior to the outbreak, this ornate gothic clock tower was a popular tourist attraction featuring in postcards of the city.[1] The base of the tower was lavishly furnished and presumably occupied at one point, as it included a small chapel, library, living room and a bedroom besides the more functional mechanical rooms in the tower itself. The tower was secured with several locks and puzzles featuring a timekeeping theme.

The clocktower consisted of thirteen rooms:



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