ORC backstory
(Operation Raccoon City's backstory)


The Clock Tower makes a minor appearance in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. During the campaign Lights Out, Wolfpack stumbles across the Clock Tower while pursuing Nicholai Ginovaef for the last EMP charges. Initially, the Wolfpack team will come across Nicholai while in the courtyard of the Clock Tower. From the top of the tower, Nicholai will start firing at Wolfpack and toss grenades at them in order to prevent them from stealing the last EMP charge. After facing off again Nicholai for a while, Wolfpack heads into the Clock Tower in search of the last EMP charge.

When entering the Clock Tower, only the piano and chapel area are explored by Wolfpack. After finding the EMP charges on the altar of the chapel, Wolfpack retreats to the Power Plant in order to cut Raccoon City's power grid.

Spec Ops

The Clock Tower appears again in the mission, "I Know Now Why You Cry". Just as Jill and Carlos activated the Bell mechanism to contact the U.B.C.S. Evacuation Chopper, the Nemesis, who is on the roof, fires off rocket hitting the chopper, causing it to crash right into the Clocks face. It then explodes moments later, complety destroying the Tower.


The Clock Towers exterior appears near identicle to its appearance in RE3, however it's missing the Balcony and the entrance to the Clock Mechanism is not present. It also has several open windows on the second floor. Once the Tower is destroyed, the wreckage and rubble block the Towers Main Door.

Not much of the Interior is explored except for the Piano Hall and the Chapel. The Chapel is located on a different side of the Piano Hall, where the Dining Room would be in the Mainstream universe. The Main Lobby is never explored, despite Nicholai sniping from its second floor.

The Tower is located in the central region of the city near the Hospital and Cemetery; the Park is located in front. The P12A facility is seen towering directly behind the Tower, as well as other industrial buildings including the Foundry and the warehouse that hides the B.O.W. Programing Lab.

In the Multiplayer DLC map The Cemetary, The Clock Tower is seen overlooking the massive cemetery grounds.