Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Salazar was a distant ancestor of Ramon Salazar, and Castellan over an isolated region of Spain during the continuing reign of the Spanish Inquisition.


Salazar became the governor of an isolated Spanish-speaking region at a time when a religious group native to the region became seen as a threat. "Los Iluminados", as it was called, used a parasitic organism in their rituals. Disgusted by their practices, Salazar put down the movement and began a wave of persecution to prevent followers from regaining strength. The parasites themselves were sealed away in an ancient complex in the caves beneath his castle.[1]


The Salazar family continued to govern the region from their castle until the 21st century. Until Los Iluminados returned to power, the Salazar was looked upon by the village people as a hero of Christianity, suppressing enemies of the faith.[2]

Further Notes

  • In the localization for Ada's Report 1, Ada claimed that the Salazar family was able to control the Las Plagas via soundwaves.


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