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The Salazar statue,[1][excerpt 1] otherwise known as "Robo-Salazar"[note 1] is a name given to a giant clockwork wind up powered mecha sized statue constructed within Salazar Castle's Cathedral during Los Iluminados' control of the area. It is in human form and uses Ramón Salazar as the template for its appearance. Seemingly elaborately detailed and mechanically sound, the statue is most likely a vanity project out of Salazar's affluent grandeur as royalty to display his power and royal ties presumably in compensation for his ineffectual influence into the modern day as Salazar aristocracy. Leon Kennedy discovered the statue inside the cathedral, and also utilized the hands to access various control panels to access a bridge that was collapsed by the Cultists. When crossing the bridge, however, the Salazar statue came to life and started pursuing Leon, the latter barely making it to the other side while the statue collapsed into the chasm.



  1. Evident by the music track, "Robo-Salazar"
  1. Salazar statue (サラザール像 Sarazāru-zō?)
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