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"This is MY territory! And I won't let you leave!"
— Salvatore Moreau

Salvatore Moreau was a mutant human who lived in a Romanian mountain range. He is presumably the last surviving member of the Moreau family and lives at the Moreau's Reservoir.


Salvatore Moreau's past is shrouded in mystery, although it is known that he belonged the Moreau family and served as its final House Lord. For generations, his family maintained an alliance with the noble Beneviento, Heisenberg, and Dimitrescu families in controlling an isolated Romanian village and mountain range. As with many others in the region, Moreau was a follower of a local pagan cult led by Mother Miranda and was eventually infected with a Cadou.

The location in which he performed his Cadou experiments is signposted as "Moreau's Clinic", possibly implying he or a member of his family was a physician before mutation.

Unlike most of the villagers, Moreau's body bonded with the parasite successfully. However, the resulting mutation transformed him into a hideous fish-like monster with gills, a swim bladder, webbed hands and feet, a hunched back, a deformed face. His out of control cell growth also led to large parts of his reservoir being coated in thick, gooey enzymes.

Partly as a result of his grotesque appearance, Moreau exhibited an almost total lack of self-worth, completely isolating himself on his reservoir and only rarely setting foot outside of it. He was desperate to prove himself to the other house lords and to please Mother Miranda, whom he viewed as his actual mother. To this end, he conducted experiments on the villagers using the Cadou, although none of these experiments were successful.

Shortly before the arrival of Ethan Winters, Moreau was handed a flask containing the severed arms of Ethan's daughter Rose and instructed to guard it until the ceremony. However, Ethan successfully stole the flask from Moreau as he was busy watching TV. Moreau quickly noticed Ethan's presence and begged him to give the flask back, fearing Miranda would disown him as soon as it became known that he lost the flask to Ethan.

Winters refused to give the flask back, prompting Moreau to try and trap him within a closed corridor using his enzyme walls. However, Ethan quickly escaped from the corridor and made it as far as the windmills before being encountered once again by Moreau. He informed Ethan that the only way out of the reservoir was underwater and that Miranda was already preparing for the ceremony.

Seconds later, Moreau began vomiting large amounts of green acid before retreating into the water, wherein he mutated into a large salamander-fish hybrid mutant with Moreau's body appearing in its mouth. Ethan proceeded to drain the water from the reservoir as Moreau's mutated form chased and attempted to consume him.

Having drained all of the reservoir's water, Ethan pursued Moreau into a nearby valley. As they battled, Moreau expressed hope that he would defeat Ethan and make Miranda proud of him. However, Ethan emerged victorious and Moreau's body greatly inflated and exploded in mixture of flesh, guts, and acid.



His Mutated/BOW form is inspired by the creature design of the Korean Monster Movie 2006 "The Host"

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