Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Samuel Jordan (サミュエル・ジョーダン Samyueru Jōdan?) was a Raccoon City citizen.


A promising boxer forced into early retirement by an injury, he signed up to an Umbrella Pharmaceuticals medical trial in the hopes of it saving his career. He hasn't been heard from since. [2]


Jordan is a "Damage"-type survivor. He has high health and excels in close-quarters combat. His abilities are more physical in nature, making him the muscle of the team. His main ability is "Fists of Iron", where the player uses boxing-type moves on an enemy. And "Dash Punch", which allows the player to rush to the nearest enemy and punch them.[2]

Skill list

Name Type Category Description
Fists of Iron Fever Skill Brute Force Sam can use his boxing skills to give enemies the old one-two, but he can only attack with his bare-hands while this skill is active.
Greatly increases damage dealt by Fists of Iron and triggers Finishers easier. Extends skill duration by 3 second(s) per creature kill.
Base cooldown: 120 second(s)
Dash Punch Personal Skill Relentless Sam dashes forward quickly and punches the nearest enemy.
Temporarily increases damage dealt after hitting creatures.
Cooldown: 2 second(s)
Brawler Ability Focus Punch Sam's boxing training greatly enhances his melee skills.
Greatly increases damage dealt to nearby creatures.
Adrenaline Ability Surge Sam can use Adrenaline to activate his Fever Skill faster than usual.
Every enemy kill permanetely reduces Fists of Iron base cooldown. Max. 15 time(s).
Novice Gear Equipment N/A Activates auto aim and will automatically use Green Herbs when low on health.



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