Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Samuel Kirk was a Raccoon City citizen arrested shortly before the Raccoon City Destruction Incident alongside his co-accused, Nathan Donnelly.


After the September 8th robbery of the MacLeed's Gun Shop on Clemens Street, Kirk and Donnelly were quickly declared to be suspects of investigation. The RPD raided their location, which yielded $800 in evidence, alongside various stolen firearms.

He and Donnelly were arrested and remanded within the Raccoon Police Station's holding cells. Due to the violence in the streets, quarantine of the city, and later collapse of the police force, they and Ben Bertolucci were likely forgotten entirely during the chaos.

While they did not escape with Rita's group of police and civilian survivors around the 28th, they were no longer inside the holding cell by the time Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield arrived on the following night. Whilst Ben Bertolucci refused to leave his confinement, it is likely one of the two surviving police officers within the precinct at the time, Marvin Branagh or Elliot Edward, released the pair as to offer them some semblance of survival. What becomes of Kirk and Donnelly is unknown.


He can be unlocked as a playable character by beating "desperate times" on Hard. He starts with an Iron Pipe. He is a Jim-type character.


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