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"The Samurai Edge is a custom-made pistol created for S.T.A.R.S.. It was designed by Joseph Kendo and was sold in Kendo's gun shop."
— In-Game Description

The Samurai Edge is a weapon in Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City. It is a gameplay representation of the Samurai Edge in lore. The Samurai Edge was first hinted to appear in the game when it was listed in the Current Stock Catalogue for Kendo's Gun Shop Website, which is a part of the Inserted Evil network of websites; a promotional site for REORC.


Jill Valentine makes an appearance in the game, using her Samurai Edge. The in-game model has an under-barrel laser module. The Samurai Edge can be selected for use by players while playing as the U.S.S. It must be purchased with 25,000 experience points at the secondary weapons menu. While it is the second most expensive gun in the game, it also has the fastest rate of fire out of all the pistols, the second most damage and a 15-round magazine, making it well worth the buy. This weapon has 60 spare rounds initially and 120 spare rounds maximum.

Jill Valentine is shown in game with this weapon during the mission 1 Eye of the Storm while she escapes from Nemesis-T Type and makes her way through zombie hordes.


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