The Samurai Edge - AW Model-01 ( サムライエッジ<A.W.モデル01> samuraiejji<A.W.moderu 01>?) is a handgun made specifically as an anti-BOW weapon.



Concluding that weapons of mass destruction are not always necessary to success, Albert Wesker conducted research with operations by skilled combatants against BOWs. Based on the results of these experiments, Wesker designed a handgun specifically to combat BOWs. Basing the handgun on his original Beretta 92F Custom 'Samurai Edge', the new design used special materials and specifications: an anti-slip serration (groove) on the front of the slide, a short type (outer) barrel, and a normal type magazine catch. The weapon's design also included the "Albert.W. System unit": detachable rail stabilizer, light adapter module, and octagonal silencer. However, Wesker was killed before he could manufacture an example of the new weapon.[1][2]

Albert. W. Model 01P

A prototype was later produced by Blue Umbrella, who named it the "Albert.W.Model 01P" (P meaning performance). The original designs were recovered during Umbrella's reformation. Umbrella changed the color of the weapon to an all black finish, as well as swapping the S.T.A.R.S. engraving and logo with the Umbrella name and logo.[3][4]

Albert-01R|Albert. W. Model 01R

A mass production test model of the weapon was produced by Blue Umbrella, named the "Albert. W. Model 01R" (a.k.a. the "Albert-01R"). This version was designed to only hold 3 rounds and it's aesthetics were reverted to more closely resemble Wesker's original Samurai Edge.[5]

Albert-01|Albert.W.Model 01

The final version of the handgun, named the "Albert.W.Model 01" (a.k.a Albert-01), was produced sometime before Umbrella deployed to combat the E-series BOW outbreak in Lousiana, USA. This model is ascetically identical to the test model, but holds 9 rounds. Umbrella supplied these to BSAA and other biohazardous units as a test. One was issued to Chris Redfield during his attachment to the Umbrella force sent to investigate the Dulvery Incident, and dropped to Ethan Winters during his fight against a E-series BOW: E-001 "Eveline", successfully killing her. Chris later carried the handgun during his hunt for Lucas Baker.[6][7]


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