Samurai Edge AWM01 Archives is a web page on Tokyo Marui's "BIOHAZARD" section of their website made to promote Resident Evil 7: Biohazard. It is a series of webpages that advertises their Samurai Edge (Albert. W. model 01) airsoft gun and also elaborates on the lore behind the Albert-01.


"Ethan! Use it!!"
A voice was heard clearly even amid the roaring rotors of the helicopter flying in the sky.
The voice belonged to Chris Redfield.
A man embodying an invincible hero undaunted by any foe, and through many crises has stuck to "justice" under any situation.
He is a savior always coming to the rescue of those in grave danger.
He pointed to "it", the beyond lethal steel buddy that's been with Chris through a great number of ordeals, forever its master's fangs, the Samurai Edge.
A light adapter module and hexagon silencer have been attached to its configuration and it's more than a mere handgun. The base has a familiar form...
but something is definitely different...
Since Ethan was in a critical condition desperately clinging to life, he had no room to think about it. The chunky handgun showed extraordinary potential, giving Ethan the prize of "living", standing against all odds in his desire to hang on.
Breathing a sigh of relief, Chris Redfield leaned forward and watched from the helicopter above, the body glistening with a "blue Umbrella logo."
He was staring at Ethan who successfully "lived", as if reflecting his own younger days.
June 1998. If that damned "Mansion Incident" hadn't occurred, what would my life be like now?
Would I still be with Alpha Team of Raccoon City's special S.T.A.R.S., division, perhaps earnestly protecting Raccoon City 24/7?
Perhaps there would've been a future where I died when I was gravely wounded in the Republic of Edonia...
Or worse, might I have lived the life of an amnesiac alcoholic if I hadn't met the late Piers?
He was gripped by sentiment in a silence lasting only a few seconds.
Only someone involved could understand the pain and sorrow. He cut off such sentiments and accomplished his mission again.
In his hand is his steel buddy, the Samurai Edge...


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