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For the city in the DeCandido universe, see San Francisco, California (DeCandido).
Death Island - San Francisco

San Francisco, California

San Francisco officially the City and County of San Francisco, is a commercial, financial, and cultural center of Northern California, covers a land area of 121 square kilometers. BSAA member Nadia lives here with her girlfriend.[1][2]

San Francisco Serial Murders incident[]

In 2015, San Francisco was the epicenter of a string of homicides linked to a t-Virus outbreak where 12 victims were found infected with modified strain, seemingly with no means of infection. The zombified victims are found have needle marks, while the rest were killed by infected individuals and died of their wounds. The San Francisco Police Department partnered up with Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance in their joint investigation into the mysterious series of murders, where it was discovered by Rebecca Chambers that all the infected individuals had visited Alcatraz Island in the recent past.[3]