DeCandido universe
(DeCandido's novelizations of the Anderson films)

San Francisco was a city in the state of California, widely believed to be the origin point for the Global T-Virus pandemic in the novelization of Resident Evil: Extinction. In reality, the infection began with Raccoon City infectee Jim Knable, the only infectee that managed to survive the destruction of Raccoon City.

During the crisis, the state governor gave executive authority to the Umbrella Corporation scientist Jaime Cerota, who tried to contain the disease in the Mission District.

She and several police officers managed to kill all the infected, save for the last three who managed to escape and spread the disease to the entire city. Unfortunately she was bitten during the fight and she shot herself in the head after giving her last report to Dr. Sam Isaacs. Eventually the city was overwhelmed, with all of earth not far behind.


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