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Sanitation was the name of a commando force under the control of the Umbrella Corporation, as identified by patches on their uniforms.


One of a number of paramilitary forces under Umbrella's command, the Sanitation Team was sent into the Looking Glass House to regain access to the Hive in order to investigate the Red Queen's apparent rampancy. During the investigation, the team met up with Umbrella security employees Alice and Spence as well as apparent RCPD officer Matt Addison. Joined by Alice, Spence and Matt, the Sanitation team travels into the Hive where most of the team falls victim to the Red Queen's defenses with only Chad Kaplan and Rain Ocampo surviving to shut the Red Queen down. The deactivation of the Red Queen results in the release of the Undead who attack the survivors. Ultimately both Rain and Chad are killed as well as Spence, but Alice and Matt escape as the Hive is sealed by a countdown set by the team before entry.

Years later, inside Umbrella Prime, Alice discovers that James Shade and Rain Ocampo of the Sanitation team have both been cloned to act as Umbrella shock troopers, retaining no memory or personality of their original selves.

Ten years after the Sanitation team's destruction inside the Hive, Alice returns, guided by the Red Queen, to locate and release a potent airborne anti-virus that will kill anything infected by the T-virus and end the Global T-Virus pandemic. While making her way through the Hive, Alice locates the laser grid room where most of the team met their deaths and remembers the event. In the control room outside of the laser grid, Alice discovers some of the Sanitation team's equipment, abandoned there ten years before and never disposed of by Umbrella. From the team's bags, Alice is able to get better guns for herself and Doc and later a grenade she uses while fighting Doctor Alexander Isaacs over the anti-virus. After discovering thousands of cryogenic capsules containing the Umbrella High Command and other employees chosen to repopulate the world after Umbrella's "orchestrated apocalypse", Alice removes explosives from the Sanitation team's gear bags and plants them on the cryotubes with the help of Doc. The detonation of the explosives destroys the Hive, killing all of the Umbrella personnel within and effectively ending the Umbrella Corporation.

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