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Scarab Device used for mind control by the Red Queen
Description A chemical compound known for its performance-enhancing effects on the human body.

The Scarab device is featured in the films Resident Evil: Afterlife and Resident Evil: Retribution.



Claire Redfield, K-Mart and the rest of the convoy went to Alaska in search of a town called Arcadia. When they arrived, they were ambushed by Umbrella and they put the device on Claire and K-Mart.

Alice later found Claire and realized that the device was put on her chest. Claire became hostile with Alice, even to the point of trying to kill her. Alice was able to knock her out and then removed it, asking Claire who did that to her when she came to, but Claire did not know due to suffering from memory loss.

Test Subjects

K-Mart, the rest of Claire's convoy and others that were left alive in the world were taken by Umbrella and had the Scarab device put on their chests. Alice, Claire and Chris rescued K-Mart and the others and removed the devices from their chests. These people were disoriented for a time, but besides that didn't seem to suffer detrimental effects, such as the hostility that Claire had experienced. They recovered quickly from the effects, as shown with K-Mart.


Jill Valentine also wears the Scarab device on her chest during the film. It is unclear how it was put on her, though. Notably, the device on Jill seems to have passed from merely making the victim hostile to actually placing them under Umbrella's control, although they are not outwardly hostile and are not confused or disorientated by the device and seem to retain all previous planning and combat skills. This suggests that it is a more effective version of the device, more sophisticated than the ones used on Arcadia.

It is possible that the devices on Arcadia were prototypes, but the one on Jill is the final product, which could explain its effectiveness. This one gives Jill commands directly from the Red Queen and causes her eyes to display the Umbrella logo. During a fight with Jill, when being forced to kill Alice, Jill manages to resist its control long enough for Alice to rip it from her chest. The Scarab proceeds to come to life and charge at Alice who shoots it repeatedly until it is destroyed. Destroying the Scarab returns Jill to normal, though she is disorientated for a while.

The Final Chapter

The Scarab reappears in the official novelization of Resident Evil: The Final Chapter. In the novel, a newly developed prototype model is revealed to be the cause of the undead army assaulting the White House resistance. This new model is described as appearing almost identical in design to the other models of Scarab, albeit smaller and being developed primarily to control T-Virus mutants over human hosts. Under the control of Dania Cardoza, she prompts the undead army to mutate and combine their mass into a new B.O.W. known as the Melange, a creature that bears a striking resemblance to the Uroboros Aheri from Resident Evil 5.[1]


The effects of the drug produced from the device act differently depending on the person wearing it. For Claire and Jill, the device makes them act hostile and improves their strength and agility. For K-Mart and the other 1,999 test subjects, they seem more confused rather than being hostile. The side effects also include memory loss. While Claire has only seemed to somewhat recover from it so far, K-Mart recovered fast enough to turn the tide of the fight against Wesker.

Jill's device also seems to possess the unique capability of actually controlling the wearer and making them work for Umbrella. It also seems to reduce their hostility to some extent, at least towards Umbrella operatives.

Behind the Scenes

  • The Scarab device is based upon the P30 injector used by Wesker to control Jill Valentine in Resident Evil 5.
  • There are major differences between the device in the games and films. One notable change is how it attaches to the subject's chest. In Resident Evil 5, the brainwashing tool was surgically attached to Jill Valentine, making it harder to remove while the film displays that the scarabs can move on their own and latch on to hosts, making them easy to remove, yet hard to avoid. Another difference is the side-effects. Overtime, the P30 device left behind scar tissue and exposed veins on Jill Valentine's chest, whereas the Scarabs leave no physical deformation on anyone controlled by them. And despite both having a red, gem-like casing, the movies shape their device in the shape of a spider with metallic legs while the device in the games have catheters that are inserted for injection.


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