Scene 3 (tentative) is a cutscene in the "Desperate Escape" DLC for Resident Evil 5. It cannot be viewed in the Library.


Jill and Josh arrives in the communication room and discovered a radio with which they could call Chris. Jill explained that Wesker's superhuman strength comes from the prototype virus, but it is unstable. She also explains that an overdose of the PG67A/W serum should act as a poison against Wesker, so that he loses his strength. The radio was jammed and Chris and Jill got disconnected. At least, she already told him and Sheva what to do. Jill and Josh must proceed to the roof where Doug should be arrived.


Jill Valentine: "Here it is. Give me a hand."
Josh Stone: "OK."
"I've set it to broadcast on the same frequency as Chris's PDA."
Jill: "Please be there, Chris..."
Chris (on radio): "Jill! Are you alright?"
Jill: "I'm fine. Don't worry about me. Just listen carefully, there's something I need to tell you. Wesker's superhuman strength, it comes from a virus. But the virus is unstable. In order to maintain a balance he must inject himself regularly with a serum."
Sheva (on radio): "So if we cut the supply of serum he loses his strength."
Jill: "Affirmative. But he just took a dose, so it's gonna be a while before he needs another one."
Chris (radio): "Damn."
Jill: "Listen, Excella said that the amount administered has to be precise. So if he injects too much it should act like a poison. I think she used a serum labeled PG67A/W."
Sheva (radio): "PG67A/W?"
Jill: "I'm gonna try to find a way to escape. You need to find that serum. Excella always kept it with her in an attache case."
Chris: "Jill! Come in!"
Jill: "Chris? Chris!"
Josh: "It's no good. It's being jammed."
Jill: "It's OK. I told him what he needed to know."
Josh: "Hurry. Doug should be on the roof by now."
Jill: "Alright."

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