Schedule Report (定時報告 Teiji hōkoku?) is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 5.


At the start of Chapter 3-1, it's on the dead body in front of the Beast Slate.


From the evidence gathered thus far, it would appear that most of Delta Team was wiped out between the time they requested backup and the time we reached the area. One of their beacons was still transmitting an active signal, so we moved to intercept due to the possibility of survivors.

While en route, the beacon's transmission ceased. Judging by the last transmission the beacon should be just-ahead of our current position. There is a sealed door currently blocking our route so infiltration may prove difficult.

End report.

救援要請があったため出動したが、 通信から現地到着前にデルタチームはすでに全滅したと判断する。
だが、通信機から発信されるビーコンの一部が移動していたため、 目標を変更しビーコンを追跡。



Have been called out because of a relief request, but determined from local communications that Delta Team was already wiped out prior to arrival.
However, because one of the beacons transmitted from the communication device has moved, the goal has changed to tracking the beacon.
There is the possibility of survivors.

Transmission of the beacon has unfortunately discontinued; there is no doubt it originated from this destination.
Although we cannot enter at this rate because the door is closed, I suspect that there is a way.
I will continue the search.




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