DeCandido universe
(DeCandido's novelizations of the Anderson films)

Schlesinger was an elite commando in Umbrella's Security Division. He was notorious for having a slow reaction time.


Schlesinger was a member of Ward's seven-member team. In September 2002, the team was assigned to investigate The Hive and provide security for Major Timothy Cain. Despite everyone wearing Hazmat suits, he kept behind the rest of the group. Upon gaining access, he and Ward took point with their MP5Ks as Osborne shone a torch. The team was quickly swamped by a Zomboid horde on the other side of the blast door, with Schlesinger being the first down; a Zomboid removed his helmet and ripped his throat out.[1] The loss of Ward's team was of great shock to the rest of the Security Division, and damaged their morale as they tackled the Zomboids later that day.[2]


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