Prime universe
(Capcom's primary storyline)

Schraube Dämon ("Screw Demon" in German), formerly known as López, was a native of Sonido de Tortuga Island.


López tried to establish a romantic relationship with local girl Marilou Mabou but failed and, due to his conduct, got involved in a fight with her brother.

At some point, a mysterious stranger called "Shaman" appeared and locals started to disappear, including López. He was initiated into Kodoku Project conducted by Dr. Dirk Miller who disguised himself as "Shaman" to lure locals into his project. López horrifically mutated, gaining two additional arms and giant screws attached to his forearms. Schraube Dämon was awakened when Marilou and TerraSave member Inéz Diaco were walking through Miller's shrine. Miller introduced the creature to Marilou as her "husband", and the women managed to escape. Schraube Dämon later reappeared and confronted his rival Morio and the survivors in Miller's facility, but was defeated and killed by Morio.


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