For the file in Resident Evil 6, see Scorched Earth (file).

Scorched Earth is the twelfth level in Resident Evil: Umbrella Corps' "The Experiment" story mode.


Mission select

Abraham Jackson

I'm fascinated by what happened in the past. And with this guy. It seems like he's trying to make a show of his own strength. And with that my suspicions increase tenfold. I have to figure out who he is. If I can just access the DNA data that's in the archives...

Just who is this guy, and why is everyone so terrified of him? The more i see him, the more questions i have. I'll do my own background check. In secret of course. I managed to get one of his hairs...

Loading screen

Jun. 18, 2012

The Plaga is spreading once again at the site of the Tricell incident. We'll be collecting battle stress data through multiple missions. Better strap in for the long haul.




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