Scorched Earth, also known as Simmons and sterilization operations (滅菌作戦とシモンズ Mekkinsakusen to shimonzu?) in the original script, is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 6. It can be found in Ada Chapter 2. As with all files in the game, the bottom part of this file can only be read on RE.NET.


Operation: Bacillus Terminate was the name for the missile strike ordered by the U.S. government to halt the spread of the virus in Raccoon City in 1998. The decision to raze the city of 100,000, killing infected and survivors alike, came from Derek C. Simmons, a high-ranking government official.

Raccoon City was a case study for his future plans as he believed the world would stop using traditional weapons and switch over to bioweapons. The data provided by Raccoon City allowed him to assess the efficacy of such weapons, but he made certain that the truth of Umbrella's involvement, and their bioweapons program, would never be known. Eager to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, he urged the more hawkish members of the president's administration to eradicate Raccoon City for the sake of the country.

The attack on Tall Oaks was devised by Simmons to show the world, and dubious officials in government, the threat bioweapons pose in the hands of terrorists, as well as to prevent President Benford from revealing the truth behind Raccoon City.

Everything went just as Simmons planned. After Operation: Bacillus Terminate was carried out on Tall Oaks, he sent a message to The Family while flying to China in his private jet. Leon recovered that message and submitted it to the FOS after his return from China.
Operation: Bacillus Terminate has been executed just as planned. But this time it won't be covered up like it was for Raccoon City. Everyone will know that the president was killed by bioterrorism and the government had no choice but to clean it up. The whole world will know the threat posed by bioterrorist organizations, and shall be in awe of the country that stood up to protect its people and fight this threat: America!

Now we've shown them who the real global power is. This is how things should be and now balance will be achieved in the world, with The Family at the helm.

















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