"A Phillips-head screwdriver."

The screwdriver is the key item in Resident Evil: Revelations


First time this item is used to open up the panel in order to escape the bedroom in Episode 2-1. The screwdriver also helps around in other chapters of the game as some others have puzzles. The screwdriver is mainly used for un-screwing the bolts on a fuse box and then used to move switches around to open the door. Keith Lumley also finds Screwdriver during the Episode 5–1.


It is found after draining the bath or opening the cover of the bowl in the bathroom of the room 301. With Quint and Keith, Quint has one in his pocket until he trips over things knocked down previously by a certain invisible B.O.W. Upon getting to the surveillance room Quint will realize he dropped the screwdriver. Quint and Keith then go back to where he tripped and Keith uses the Genesis to find screwdriver. It should be noted that the screwdriver can be scanned for as soon as Quint trips. searching for the screwdriver after he trips will save a trip back to the area.


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