"A cleaning brush with a long pole"
— Item description

The Scrub Brush is a melee weapon that is only available in the Resident Evil Outbreak and File 2.


When equipped, characters can use this long broom to push enemies back, allowing them to avoid being surrounded. In combat there is a chance to inflict critical damage to foes.

This melee weapon possesses varying structural integrity; in offline play, one may last as many as 10 uses before breaking, but in network play, one will randomly last from 5 to 15 uses.

After it has sustained enough structural damage, it breaks to create a Wooden Pole.

Further Notes

  • It is a thrusting weapon, meaning its attacks are slower than swinging weapons like Iron Pipes. However its thrusts will not accidentally hit walls, cancelling the attack.
  • This is one of the weakest weapons available to the player, inflicting just 40HP worth of damage. However, it inflicts double damage to the Giant Leech and Suspended bosses.
  • While playing as Mark, holding R1 and waiting until Mark gets into a high attack pose and then pressing the action button will cause more damage. It will also turn the weapon into a swinging weapon when used this way.
  • Even though this is a weak weapon, it is one of the most common weapons, appearing at least 4 times per scenario.
  • When it loses its structural damage points, it will became a Wooden Pole. David can tape a Butcher Knife to the end to make a Spear.


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