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Secretary's diary A (秘書の日記A Hisho no nikki A?) is a file that can be found in Resident Evil 2.


The location of the file.

The file can be found on the secretary's desk, next to the typewriter, upon entering the waiting room on the second floor of the R.P.D..


April 6th
I accidentally moved one of the stone statues on the second floor when I leaned against it. When the chief found out about it, he was furious. I swear the guy nearly bit my head off, screaming at me never to touch the statue again. If it's so important, then maybe he shouldn't have put it out in the open like that...

April 7th
I heard that all the art pieces from the chief's collection are rare items, literally worth hundreds of thousands of dollars. I don't know which is the bigger mystery: where he finds those tacky things, or where he's getting the money to pay for them.

May 10th
I wasn't surprised to see the chief come in today with yet another large picture frame in his hands. This time it was a really disturbing painting depicting a nude person being hanged. I was appalled by the expression on the chief's face as he leered at that painting.
Why anyone would consider something like that to be a work of art is beyond my comprehension...


4月 6日
たったそれだけなのに、それを見つけた署長は 「この石像に二度と触るな!」と凄いケンマクで私を 怒鳴りつけた。そんなに大切なものなら、あんな所に置かなければいいのに・・・

4月 7日


Diary of the Chief's Secretary

April 6
I accidentally moved a stone statue on 2F. When the chief found it he shouted at me "Never touch this stone statue!" with a threatening attitude. Why put it in such a place if it's so important...

April 7
According to a rumor, the entire collection of artwork that the chief cherishes are expensive things, amounting to tens of millions. It's a mystery where the money for such a hobby came from.

May 10
As usual, the chief came back holding a large frame. This picture was a vulgar display in which a stark-naked woman is hung. The chief stared at the picture joyfully. Where on earth is the artistry in such a picture?


Official English localization

Original Japanese script

Further notes

  • This file acts as a hint toward obtaining the Virgin Hearts. The secretary refers to the statues in the 2F northwest corridor and the painting in the operation room.
  • In the original script, the nude figure in the painting that Irons leers at is specified to be a woman. This ties back to his history of violence against women mentioned in the Mail to Chris. The localization instead makes the gender of the figure ambiguous.