The Sein Island incident was a three-year long period of illegal human experimentation on Baltic Sein Island, which ultimately led to the deaths of the entire native population as a result of the t-Phobos Virus.


In July 2000, Alex Wesker arrives on Sein Islands and begins her plans to start building laboratories by gaining the trust of the inhabitants by offering jobs.[1]


Initial infection

Alex Wesker, hoping to prevent her death brought on by a mysterious illness, decided to infect all of the inhabitants with the T-Phobos Virus. As a result, most of them became creatures known as Afflicted . While the male inhabitants went on to make up what was known as the Afflicted, the female inhabitants of the island suffered death instead. The only known survivor of the incident was Evgeny Rebic, who managed to retreat to the sewers.

TerraSave abduction

Upon the research completion, another experiment was conducted in 2011. Neil Fisher, hoping to resurrect FBC and instill the fear among humanity,has sold out some of the members of TerraSave who were then abducted and been brought to the island. After the incident, only three of them survived:

  • Claire Redfield,who managed to escape the island by jumping into the sea.
  • Moira Burton, was stuck in the debris of tower, but survived thanks to Evgeny, hearing the explosion, came to the tower to investigate. The duo manage to survive on the island for six months.
  • Natalia Korda, who was put in cryogenic sleep to be prepared to transfer Alex's mind into her body in the deepest part of the tower.

Uroboros Infection

Alex Wesker, still alive after the gunshot due to feeling fear for her life and thus triggering T-phobos in her body, was mutated into an hideous monster, going insane and infected most of the island environment with Uroboros virus. While Evgeny is training Moira and seeking out for supplies, they found out that Irina, Evgeny's daughter died due to infection. Combined effects of his illness and grief, Evgeny locked Moira out to fend off for herself and so that he can die.

Barry Burton, who found the injured Claire, refused to believe that Moira died and traveled to the island to find his daughter, he met Natalia who just recently had woke up from her 6 months cryogenic sleep. The two ventured throughout the island to find out that Alex Wesker is still alive. Surprised to find out about another Wesker, Barry then became determined to stop her insanity while intending to avenge his daughter and protecting Natalia.

Cornered, Alex infected herself with an overdose of Uroboros. In the mid of the battle with Alex, Barry was knocked down, leaving Natalia vulnerable to Alex's grasp. Moira, survived the aforementioned incident, shoot Alex to the point she dropped Natalia down. At the same time, Claire managed to get to the island on a helicopter to destroy mutated Alex and to help her friends. After Alex was eventually put down, the BSAA arrived to the island to purge all remnants of viral infection and viral research.


There are many more than 10+ deaths in this experiment.



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