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Sejm Island (Russian: сейм) is an island in the Baltic Sea.[1] Formerly part of the Soviet Union, the main language spoken was Russian. In the 21st century, it was the site of Alex Wesker's experiments in fear.


It is unknown where exactly the island is located, as it is not listed on any maps. However, the island was previously affiliated with the Soviet Union, harbors many inhabitants of Russian descent, and the main language was Russian, placing it somewhere close to Russia, Latvia, Estonia or Kaliningrad Oblast.


The island had multiple settlements, including a town, a village, and a communications tower. The island also had a mountainous region and wildlife. There was also a prison that was erected on the island at some point, which was used by Alex Wesker to conduct her cruel and horrible experiments on humans.

A fishing village was located not too far away from the communications tower, with the Wossek pub being a landmark. The village was a short walk from the town, itself built around Wesker's tower. There was also a factory and meat processing plant, as well as a mine.

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In the 20th century, the island was very lively due to the mining industry. When the Soviet Union entered the period of Stagflation under Leonid Brezhnev, the coal mine closed and its people entered a life of poverty.[1]

21st century

In 2000, Alex Wesker arrived on the island, intending to use it as a research site for her t-Phobos Virus experimentation. Leading the people to believe she was a rich businesswoman representing a pharmaceutical corporation, she quickly gained their trust as they saw an opportunity to become wealthy again. Under her assumed governance the quarry was re-opened and the economy was revived.[1][2][excerpt 1]

This was all in fact part of Alex's plan. In encouraging people to leave their families for one year of work at the mines, she had the chance to use them as test subjects for experimentation with a long period of time before anyone would notice a missing person. The factory district was completely changed to suit Alex's tastes; when the factory owner objected, she took complete control. In general the townspeople lived in awe of Alex and her Monument and rejected suspicion,[2] though the people at the fishing village became gradually suspicious when their loved ones failed to return.[3] By 2010 Alex needed more test subjects, and began infecting the townspeople with the t-Phobos Virus and giving them bracelets, playing on their gullibility by telling them it was a vaccine for a disease.[4]

Further notes

The island's Russian name is derived from an Old Slavic word for a meeting ground, which is also the name of Poland's parliament. In the English localization, the translators instead replaced this with a new name, "Zabytij" (Russian: Забытый), which literally means "Forgotten".


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