Selfless Act is the scene in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, which plays after Mia finally finds Ethan and exactly if Mia was cured before.



Mia Winters: "Eveline, stay away from him."

Eveline: "Why? He doesn't love you. I can make him love you."

Mia: "Don't—Don't hurt him."

Eveline: "Silly—I told you. I'm not going to hurt him."

Mia: "Don't you dare."

Eveline: "Or, what? You're not my mommy—remember."

Ethan Winters: "Mia? Mia? How?"

Mia: "There's no time. You have to get out of here and find her. Here, take this."

Ethan: "What? Wait—wait—what are you doing? What are you doing?"

Mia: "Saving your life. You need to go. I won't be able to resist for much longer."

Ethan: "No—"

Mia: "Now, go kill that little bitch."

Ethan: "No—no. Mia—no!"

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