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Sentinel Nine is a handgun designed for the dedicated usage of the Division of Security Operations as a high-performance handgun. It is based on the SIG Sauer P226 E2, used by the Navy SEALs, which allows it to be fired accurately in extreme temperatures.[1][2] As of now it is unknown if the gun has begun mass-scale production and been distributed to other DSO personnel, or if it is still begin tested by Agent Leon S. Kennedy.[3]


The Sentinel Nine's origins lie with the Federal Bioterrorism Commission, who was behind the "Sentinel Project". Though handgun models such as the Samurai Edge showed some promise against bio-weapons, the FBC, with the budget of a small country, invested considerably in a dedicated anti-bioterrorism weapon. When the FBC shut down in 2005, the Sentinel was still in a prototype phase, and the project was left dormant until the founding of the DSO in 2011. [4] At this point US agent Leon S. Kennedy took over as supervisor to the project and made sure it fulfilled three criteria.[1]

  1. Versatility: The handgun had to be able to fire 9mm Parabellum rounds. This ammunition is commonplace, and can be easily obtained at a gunshop and, as 9mm handguns are common for self-defence, can be taken from the bodies of victims.[1]
  2. Stability: The handgun had to be resistant to rusting; weather damage; flooding and be hard to break. It also had to be resistant to acid which may be sprayed by a B.O.W.[1]
  3. Certainty: The handgun had to be accurate and fast on close targets without significant effects from recoil.[1]

The plan for the Sentinel Nine's creation was to produce a few copies of the gun and have Leon himself gather combat data and submit feedback on the gun before it began full scale production. Unfortunately, before he was able to get his hand on the weapon in 2013, Leon found himself caught up in the Tall Oaks and Lanshiang bioterror incidents.[3] While he was able to obtain the gun after the incidents the actual combat data had not yet been collected, and thus full-scale production of the Sentinel Nine and its official delivery date to the rest of DSO's agents remain undecided.[3]

Use in combat.[]

The earliest known use of the Sentinel Nine in actual combat against B.O.Ws was during the New York bioterrorist attack in 2014, where it was used by Leon Kennedy as his primary side-arm to dispatch multiple zombies and A-Virus B.O.Ws.

The Sentinel Nine once again served as Leon's primary gun in 2015 during the Alcatraz Island Outbreak where it was mainly used to eliminate a newly created aquatic varient of the Licker β bioweapon.


Further notes[]

Though its first on-screen appearance was in Resident Evil: Vendetta, Tokyo Marui originally produced it in 2012 to advertise Resident Evil 6.

Originally this was supposed to be Leon's gun for Resident Evil 6 but because of how long it took to create the design for the Sentinel Nine, and the early release of 6 it was unfortunately unable to implemented in the game and instead was replaced with the Wing Shooter. [5]

It would later make its first in-game appearance in Resident Evil 4 (2023) as a bonus weapon that can be bought.


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