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Sentinel Nine is a handgun designed for the dedicated usage of the Division of Security Operations as a high-performance handgun. It is based on the SIG Sauer P226 E2, used by the Navy SEALs, which allows it to be fired accurately in extreme temperatures.[1][2]


Sentinel Nine's origins lie with the Federal Bioterrorism Commission, who was behind the "Sentinel Project". Though handgun models such as the Samurai Edge showed some promise against bio-weapons, the FBC, with the budget of a small country, invested considerably in a dedicated anti-bioterrorism weapon. When the FBC shut down in 2005, the Sentinel was still in a prototype phase, and the project was left dormant until the founding of the DSO in 2011.[3] At this point US agent Leon S. Kennedy took over as supervisor to the project, and made sure it fulfilled three criteria.[1]

  1. Versatility: The handgun had to be able to fire 9mm Parabellum rounds. This ammunition is commonplace, and can be easily obtained at a gunshop and, as 9mm handguns are common for self-defence, can be taken from the bodies of victims.[1]
  2. Stability: The handgun had to be resistant to rusting; weather damage; flooding and be hard to break. It also had to be resistant to acid which may be sprayed by a B.O.W.[1]
  3. Certainty: The handgun had to be accurate and fast on close targets without significant effects from recoil.[1]


Further notes

Though its first on-screen appearance was in Resident Evil: Vendetta, Tokyo Marui originally produced it in 2012 to advertise Resident Evil 6.

Originally this was supposed to be Leon's gun for Resident Evil 6 but was cut for unknown reasons.[citation needed]