The Separate Ways Chapter 1 Opening (tenative) is the opening cutscene to "Ring the Church Bell", the first level of Resident Evil 4's "Separate Ways" sidestory.



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Ada Wong (narrator): "The only reason I've taken on this mission is to get closer to my own objective. No matter what happens, I can't let anyone figure that out. Of course, hiding in the shadows isn't my style. I'll have to reveal myself to him and offer advice once in a while."

Albert Wesker (on radio): "So I see you've managed to arrive at the village on time."

Ada: "Yes, but nobody remembered to roll out my red carpet."

Wesker (on radio): "The villagers, they are all being controlled. They automatically attack any intruders. Ring the church bell, that should quiet them down for a while."

Ada: "Hmmm... sounds like they're good obedient boys and girls."

Wesker (on radio): "Unfortunately, time is not a luxury we have... Gather as much information as you can about the parasites and finish off this little tour."

Ada: "Leon..."

Ada Wong (narrator): 「成さねばならない真の目的」

Albert Wesker (on radio): 「予定通り村に到着出来たようだな」

Ada: 「ええ…」

Wesker (on radio): 「そこの連中は侵入者を襲うようにコントロールされている」

Ada: 「それは行儀のいいことね」

Wesker (on radio): 「残念ながら時間はあまりない」

Ada: 「レオン!?… 」


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