The Separate Ways Chapter 2 ending (tenative) is the opening cutscene of "Rescue Luis Sera", the second level of Resident Evil 4's "Separate Ways" sidestory.



The Japanese transcript was obtained from[1]

Luis Sera: "I forgot something, you guys go on ahead."

Leon S. Kennedy: "Luis!"

Luis: "Hey, señorita! Have a light? And some smokes to go with it to make my day?"

Ada Wong: "Where's the sample?"

Luis: "Okay, we'll skip the foreplay. As a matter of fact, I was just going to get it. Where's the love, baby?"

Ada: "Sounds like fun to me. Just hurry up!"

Luis: "Okay, lady! Where do you stand in all of this? Exactly what kind of group are you working for?"

Ada: "There are something in the world better off not knowing. This is one of them."

Luis: "Fine. I can take a hint. I don't care who you are, as long as you get rid of that old man and his religious friends."

Luis Sera: 「忘れ物を取ってくる」

Leon S. Kennedy: 「ルイス」

Luis:「よおセニョリータ 火ねえか?

Ada Wong: 「約束のサンプルは?」

Luis: 「つれないねぇ」

Ada: 「楽しそうね 早めにお願いするわ」

Luis: 「なあ    あんたんとこの組織ってのは―」

Ada: 「知ったら聞いたこと後悔するわよ」

Luis: 「まああのじいさんの教団つぶしてくれんなら―」


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