The Separate Ways Chapter 4 Opening is the opening cutscene to the "Stop Leon's Assassination" level of Separate Ways in Resident Evil 4.



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Jack Krauser: What's the news on our friend Leon?

Ada Wong: He's not making it easy. The sample?

Krauser: Saddler's got it. It seems he sniffed out our little game.

Ada: Perfect...

Krauser: Just so we understand each other clearly... I don't trust you, nor does Wesker. If you try to do anything clever, I will kill you.

Ada: Is that so? You know, I met Wesker long before you.

Krauser: We'll see soon enough if you did.

Ada: Yeah, we'll see.

Albert Wesker (on radio): Quite a jolly mess he's made, that Leon. But, all for the better. Saddler's people have fallen into a panic. Their destruction is only a matter of time now!

Ada: Once he gets Ashley back, his job will be finished. He'll no longer be a factor.

Wesker (on radio): No, I'm leaving Leon to Krauser. Hurry up and retrieve the sample.

Ada: Maybe you forgot, Wesker. I don't always play by your rules.

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