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For the Resident Evil item, see Serum. For the Resident Evil Code: Veronica item, see Serum (Code: Veronica).

"Powerful medicine that cleanses the body. Made from two ingredients from a D-series test subject."
— Inventory description

The Serum (血清 kessei?) is an item in Resident Evil 7: Biohazard.


After taking the Serums Zoe makes, it will initiate the fight with Mutated Jack.

One must be used on Jack via button prompt to end the fight with him. The other is used when deciding to cure Mia or Zoe shortly after.


After the player frees Zoe in the Boat House and gives her the D-Series Arm and D-Series Head by having it in their inventory, Zoe will make 2 Serums to pick up.